Faux Pas And More….

Faux Pas And More….

Ever been a subject of or subjected to the most cringe worthy faux pas in image management? In order to save yourself further embarrassment or give a break to your sore eyes I have highlighted just a few so pay close attention:

1.Chipped nails- if your nail varnish is starting to chip then please get rid of it (yes even if it’s just one or two fingers that are starting to peel). A manicure/pedicure is not complete if all 10 fingers/toes are not in perfect condition.
2.Unmatched nail polish- as a thumb rule always remember to match your manicure with your pedicure. You may wish to have a nude look or clear nail varnish on either one with a colour of your choice on the other but definitely no colour clashing is permitted.
3.Sports Socks- note to all those men; never wear formal shoes with sports socks or vice versa. In fact I will go one step further and recommend you match your socks with your trousers to ensure they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
4.Sandals and socks- are not a good match. Sandals are meant for warmer temperatures and are a cool/casual look thus if you are cold you should be wearing fully covered footwear, slipping on socks is not an option.
5.Undergarment control-whether it is a bra strap peeping from a sleeveless dress or a panty line rising above the skirt/trouser hemline, the less shown the better. These are not meant to be on display and attract unnecessary attention not to mention they also give people a very careless and un-lady like impression of yourself.
So next time you step out make sure you are not prey to any of the above as the saying goes…it’s the small things that count!

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