What Is Your Gym Image?

What Is Your Gym Image?

Being a regular gym buff I can’t help but notice the sudden surge in gym activity despite Mumbai’s sultry heat. Perhaps it’s the pre-holiday workout or perhaps it’s the attempts to fit into the more sexy and minimal clothing that has everyone pounding so hard on the treadmill and grudgingly doing those extra 100 sit-ups. It reminds me of the same frenzied activity one tends to see at the start of the year courtesy xmas holiday over indulgence and new year resolutions. Nevertheless, it’s good to see all these individuals making the efforts as exercise along with diet and nutrition are positive steps to managing one’s image. Intentions aside, a way to take this one step further is to ensure you pay attention to what you are wearing and how you look when you head down to the gym. Often people tend to neglect their appearance for their workout. Whether it is the untidy look (read unkept hair and unwashed face) with ill-fitted and worn out apparalel. Making sure you hit the gym with a well turned out appearance will motivate you further as the way you look effects the way you feel and behave. Secondly, you never know who you might bump into at the gym…perhaps a colleague, an old friend, a future partner or a great contact for your business.
Some recommendations for appropriate gym wear include the following:

1.Track pants- for men a slightly loose fit and for women a well fitted pair. Darker colours will give you a thinner appearance and silhouette which is always a motivator. In terms of fabric, the best would be a polyester and cotton blend as pure cotton tends to be too heavy. Although velour tracksuits look very attractive and seem to be particularly popular these days with the ladies, they are not recommended for daily workouts as the material is too thick and fitted; giving very little space to breathe.

2.Shorts- a synthetic or nylon fabric with a loose fit for men and for women a well fitted pair.

3.Tights- for those women who feel comfortable with a figure hugging pair and who have the appropriate body type these tend to be an attractive option; those women who are bottom heavy are not advised to wear tights as it accentuates a part of your body you should be countering through your clothing.

4.Tops- loose fitting t-shirts, or more fitted tops for women; sleeveless or short sleeves. Brighter colours will pep you up and give you more energy whereas an all black look will give you a slimmer appearance. I very often find women wear tops that are too low or revealing and they tend to always be conscious of it and spend half their time adjusting themselves thereby being a distraction not only to themselves but to others in the gym which can be easily avoided.

5.Shoes- a good pair of work out shoes is necessary to avoid any injuries and give you the right support. Sandals, keds and loafers are a complete no no.

6. Sports bra’s- give women the right support for a workout which regular bra’s do not. They also tend to be made of fabrics that are sweat absorbing.

Apart from the above recommendations, it goes without saying that excessive accessorising is not required in the gym as it not only weighs you down but you run the risk of your jewellery getting caught in some of the equipment. Make-up is not advisable as it will clog up your pores whilst sweating. So if you want to get serious about your work outs think about the workout image you want to portray. With designers making special work out lines in collaboration with sports companies, the introduction of special sweat absorbing fabrics which also reduce bacteria control and the ever increasing importance of health and fitness in our daily lives, there’s no better reason to start paying attention to your gym image.

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