Makeup To Go

Makeup To Go

I recently attended an event for the launch of a new range of “High Definition or HD makeup products”. Prior to this I must confess my only knowledge of HD was in relation to choosing the latest television set that is available in the market. For those interested, HD makeup is becoming the latest trend following the very popular and hyped mineral makeup as it contains light reflectors to give a flawless and seamless appearance. It’s especially useful for photographs and television.

After this revelation what proceeded was a two hour demonstration of makeup application with as many as 25+products, one very bored looking model, an over enthusiastic makeup artist and a very fidgety audience. Halfway through this demonstration a very pertinent question was raised by an audience member something to the tune of “For those of us who don’t have much time to get ready, how can we achieve this look?” Which got me thinking that whilst it is not possible to achieve that look in 10 minutes flat there is certainly a way to obtaining a natural makeup look which is daytime appropriate and give you that dewy look ala Ms Jenifer Lopez.

1.Start off by applying a tinted moisturiser evenly all across your face and neck. Alternatively you can use a combination of liquid foundation and moisturiser but ensure it is 1/3 foundation and 3/4 moisturiser.

2.Gently brush a light powder which matches your skin tone over your face if you have medium to dark skin or for those slightly more fair skinned you can brush over with a bronzer.

3.Using a highlighter (pencil or cream) on your brow bones, cheekbones and the bridges of your nose blend slowly. Highlight the apples of your cheeks further with a soft shaded blush in pink or peach. This should be done in upward circular movements with a blusher brush.

4.Curl your eyelashes with the assistance of an eyelash curler as this will really open your eyes, apply eyeliner and slick over with a clear mascara.

5.Lastly make sure you moisturise your lips with moisturiser or a lip balm before applying your lipstick or lip gloss.

There you have it, in an age where you have instant noodles and fast food dining, you now have a makeup to go routine!

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